2 days - running different dates over 18-28 March

March Holiday Math Bootcamp

Come join us over the holidays and see how much FUN maths can be. Why not get ready for Term 2 so you can ACE those June exams coming up.

When: different centres run over 18-20 March or 25-28 March
- Gr8 will be 8-12pm on 25-26 March (or 18-19 March)
- Gr9 will be 8-12pm on 27-28 March (or 18-19 March)
- Gr10 will be 12:15-4:15pm on 25-26 March
- Gr11 will be 12:15-4:15pm on 27-28 March
Where: at each of our Centres.

For specific queries for each centre - contact info@brighterfuture.co.za

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Grade 10 Bridging Programme

Increase your confidence in Grade 10 maths

Many Grade 10s are already experiencing the HUGE JUMP in maths from Grade 9 to 10. And it only gets harder when you do Trigonometry, Quadratic functions and more.

Let us help you be prepared for Grade 10 maths by joining our 4 day Grade 10 Bridging Programme at most of our centres.

To find out more info, call 087 805 2600 or email info@brighterfuture.co.za

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Starting 23 February

Free Diagnostic test for all Grades

Brighter Futures is inviting all learners at our centres to write a free maths diagnostic test. The purpose of the diagnostic assessment to highlight where there are any gaps - so that you can target the support you need before exams.

A comprehensive report will be made available showing your gaps with recommendations and a possible plan of action to address the identified issues.Brighter Futures will avail themselves to explain the report in detail and give you direct feedback.

When: starting Saturdays - from 23 February
Times: Starts at 9 am on Saturdays - call us on 087 805 2600 for the correct times and dates for your centre.
Where: at each of our Centres

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Microsoft Programming Course

MTA Software Development Fundamentals

Brighter Futures are launching - in partnership with Microsoft and FSI - the MTA Software Development Fundamentals at selected centres. The course will be run over 6 months, starting mid-April, with 1 tutorial session per week combined with a self study component (textbook, exercises, slides, study guides and exam voucher included). The course will cover: Introduction to Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Understanding General Software Development, Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Databases. Fees are R800/month including the exam and certification.

In 2015, the number of jobs in coding or programming were growing 12% faster than average. Experts predict that programming will be the most sought after job-skill in the future.
If you are interested in software development as a possible career one day - this is the first crucial step to achieving your dreams. For more info call 087 805 2600 or email info@brighterfuture.co.za.

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