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Game development with Unreal Engine

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Develop your own game!!

Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games (creators of Fortnite). The real-time 3D platform enables users to create advanced, top quality content and impressive interactive experiences. Stimulate your mind and immerse yourself in our exciting and educational online course in Unreal Engine. 

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Project based course


Stimulate your mind

Here’s a chance to learn a new 4IR skill that is highly in-demand in the marketplace. Join Brighter Futures as they take you on a comprehensive tour of unreal engine, with in-depth lessons, hands-on projects, and personalised feedback. Get started with real time graphics today and Brighter Futures is here to help! This short course is delivered via live 2-2.5hr virtual tutorial classes daily starting from Monday 20 Sept to Saturday 25 Sept 2021.

What course covers

  • Getting to know the Unreal Platform

  • Creating worlds, actors, players, characters, collisions and so much more

  • Understanding blueprints, game modes, user interfaces and more

  • Adding audio, and game over features

  • Exporting your game – this will be your first game designed from scratch for your portfolio!

More details about our course

This course will take 40 hours to complete.


This certification is for individuals considering a career in game development. 

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