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Being a brighter futures student and alumni has opened many doors for our students, some of our alumni have gone to develop websites, and mobile apps of their own.

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Ada Ogu

Roosevelt High school

I actually enjoyed the MTA course even though my subjects and future interest have nothing to do with programming. It was a great learning experience that caused me to explore something outside my comfort zone and I would advise anyone who would like to do something similar to go for it

Kristopher Dean Gerke

Crawford International Ruimsig Maragon

I found the course very interesting and learnt a lot. It was difficult at times however a fun challenge. I felt very relaxed while learning at home. My lecturer was very interactive and really went the extra mile for us. I am pleased to have a Microsoft certification

Chisom Emekpo

Northcliff High

I found the experience to be an enjoyable one. we learnt things we wouldn’t usually learn at school which helped with school IT. I had a supportive teacher and great classmates and am grateful I got the opportunity to take this course.

Glen Sayers


The course was definitely a breath of fresh air as it was very different learning outside of my school’s teachings. I enjoyed how all of the work learnt can be easily related to relevant needs and requirements in the modern world. I do hope to continue studying computer sciences as i see a promising need for it in the future.

Shahir Dukhan

Bryanston High

I mostly enjoyed the Web development and databases chapters in the programming course – I am hoping that this is the beginning of my journey to one day become an IT Specialist. The tutor was excellent and an incredible person and educator. He explained concepts in such a way that it was easy to understand, even those things which at first seemed too difficult, he had a nice way of breaking them down to our level. The course was a very good experience for me.

Paveshan Nair

Curro thatchfield

I’m 16 and in Grade 11 at Curro thatchfield. I like reading comics, watching movies, playing video games and interacting with technology, especially programming. I enjoyed the computer science course mostly because of my interest in technology i.e. it’s functions and programs as well as it’s capabilities. I hope to one day have a career rooted in computer science such as AI development or robotics.The course was very informative, and the facilitator made me enjoy the lessons and helped me understand the content thoroughly. 

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