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How to become a Game developer?

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According to News24 – the SA Game Development Industry is growing 75% year on year (from R150 million in 2018). So if you’re a gamer and have the drive to create beautiful things – Game development may be just the thing for you! Given how new the industry is in South Africa, now is the time to catch this 4iR train! And why limit yourself to SA – if anything Covid19 has shown us how the globe is much smaller than we thought if using technology.


What Gaming companies want:

So the most important thing you need to have if you’re wanting to join a Gaming company is a portfolio of games you have developed. If these games stand out among the crowd, companies will be softer on the other requirements.

According to Insights.dice.com Gaming Companies like Twitch, Rockstar GamesGoogle, EAUnity, and Jam City look for the following key skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in computer science/engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, or a related field (and as discussed before, if your portfolio of games ROCKS then exceptions can be made)
  • If you’re wanting to become a software engineer in gaming – you’ll need to know programming languages like C++, Golang, JavaScript , DevOps and Linux. And if you’re going into mobile game development, proficiency in languages like Objective-C and Swift (for iOS), and Kotlin and Java (for Android) are key.
  • You need to be a strong gamer yourself, there’s no better way to know what the experience should be like by being a user first
  • You’ll eventually need an internship or junior position in a Gaming Company to gain the key experience that comes from working with top Game Developers. Or volunteer!
  • And again – the most crucial step is creating a portfolio of games you’ve designed yourself that showcase what you can do!

Types of careers in the Game Developer industry:

Here are some of the top careers or jobs in the Game Development industry:

  • Software engineer – the person who develops the game from the animation through to the engine programming. Think of this person as the engine. Currently 29% of the jobs available in Game Development are software engineers.
  • UX Design – this person is creating the user experience and making it beautiful. Ideally this person needs to be familiar with augmented and virtual reality. UX designers account for 25% of jobs open in Game development industry.
  • Data analyst – this person needs to analyse all the billions of users activities, looking for patterns and trends to improve the gaming experience. As well as revealing potential bugs. Currently around 11% of game developer jobs are in the data analysis space.


Where do I start?

We recommend starting out with the Unreal Game Design course. It’s basic enough that a beginner can join, but by the end of if you’ll have your first game developed from scratch. You’ll be learning how to create players, worlds, collisions, adding audio…..basically all the components you need to know in order to develop a game using the Unreal Game Engine.

If you’d like more advice on how to pursue a career in gaming – Click here – fill out your details and we’ll call/email you back to provide you the best possible advice.