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Software development fundamentals (MTA)

This course provides students with fundamental software development concepts and application lifecycle management. Students are provided with hands-on experience, creating new software and applications as well as developing critical-thinking and computational skills for life and careers in the digital world

course content

Understanding core  programming                                                                        Understanding object-oriented programming
 Understanding software development
 Understanding web application development
 Understanding desktop application development
Understanding databases

course Outcomes

Join us and receive a globally recognised Microsoft certificate that gives access to lucrative local and international programmer jobs! Or augments your current skill-set to become more marketable in the workplace.

The program provides hands-on experience, creating new software, mobile apps and games as well as developing critical-thinking and computational skills for life and careers in the digital world. This programme is the path towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate for mobile or web apps and is appropriate for those who have a passion for computer science or those who are looking to increase their marketability in these uncertain times.

Receive a globally recognised Microsoft certificate
in Software Development Fundamentals (MTA)

students say...

I found the experience to be an enjoyable one. we learnt things we wouldn’t usually learn at school which helped with school IT. I had a supportive teacher and great classmates and am grateful I got the opportunity to take this course
Chisom Emekpo
Northcliff High
I found the course very interesting and learnt a lot. It was difficult at times however a fun challenge. I felt very relaxed while learning at home. My lecturer was very interactive and really went the extra mile for us. I am pleased to have a Microsoft certification.
Kristopher Dean Gerke


In a person

In person

Classes are offered in group of 15 or less than 15 students

Online Classes

Online Classes

Classes are offered online in group of 20 or less than 20 students using Zoom

This course runs for

4 months

Pricing of
software development fundamentals

Total fee of the course


6 500

Once-off payment


5 500

Frequently Asked Questions

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This courses runs over 4 months

Our sessions are done once a week per each group (In person or virtual). Each session is between 1,5 – 2 hours.

Yes, learners will receive notes, slides and a textbook.

A 50% mark is considered  a pass but to get MTA certified you need to obtain a mark of at least 70% .