Are you a dynamic mom (or dad) who wants to find a meaningful but flexible manager role, earning a decent income while still having time for your kids? Perhaps you’ve left the working world for a while to bring up your kids but now want to find a way to work meaningfully, but still have time for your kids?

We can help! Brighter Futures are looking for a Centre Manager in the (1) Bedfordview/Kensington (2) Fourways and (3) JHB South areas.

A Centre Manager’s role is to help set-up and grow a Brighter Futures Centre. Each Centre is based at a school and supports young Gr8-12 learners to improve their maths and science (and in future other subjects such as coding) skills. Your role would include contacting customers, building relationships with schools and scheduling the tutors. You would need your own transport, a confident & outgoing nature, to be comfortable working independently as well as have a basic proficiency in Gr8 level maths.  

Brighter Futures was created to bring affordable, high quality Maths tuition to families who previously couldn’t afford or struggled to afford good quality maths or science support.

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Are confident and outgoing
  • Are comfortable working independently
  • Have worked for 5-10 years, ideally in education but we will consider other industries
  • Have experience or background in marketing and/or sales
  • Have your own car
  • Have a basic proficiency in Gr8 level maths (not to tutor but support)

If your application is successful you will be paired with an experienced Centre Manager for a 3 month probation period to help you learn the ropes.

Compensation package is made up mostly from commissiones plus a small base salary.

If you are passionate about developing high school learners – becoming a Brighter Futures Centre Manager may be just the thing for you. You could do something you love with flexible hours and earn a decent income at the same time.

To apply, fill out our Online Application form below: 

Centre Manager application form

  • Please provide your Grade 12 maths mark even if you did Standard Grade or Maths Literacy in Grade 12.
  • Please provide the name of your University or TVET College. If you didn't do any tertiary studies, then type "NA".
  • Please provide the name of your University or TVET College degree or diploma. If you didn't do any tertiary studies, then type "NA".
  • Please focus on any roles that involve sales, marketing and management.
  • Please describe a project or initiative that you were the main driver in setting it up.
  • This reference should be from a previous place of employment.