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Maths Gr12 Exam Prep


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Beat those maths exams with a series of 50+ videos, exam question workbook and weekly webinars that will boost your chance to practice and cement your understanding.

Our videos cover all the topics in Gr11-12 curriculum in both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Our live webinars will focus on #functions, #trig, #euclidean geometry and calculus.

Our videos cover:

* Exponents, logs and surds
* Algebra,
* Functions,
* Calculus
* Financial maths
* Patterns
* Linear Programming
* Analytical Geometry
* Trig
* Transformations
* Data handling

Videos include more than 50hrs of support covering Paper 1 and Paper 2
Live webinars will be hosted 1.5hrs every Saturday afternoon in September for 5 weeks

Get the bundle – videos + live webinars – for only R750.


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