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Let us help you get the better of maths – by building on foundations and confidence

Maths is a subject that builds on itself layer upon layer, like a brick wall.  If you are missing understanding at one layer then all the ‘bricks’ above that ONE will become weak. Teens tell us they feel anxious and worried every time they go to maths class or write a maths test. 

Unlock the blocks 

Let us help your child get the better of maths. By strengthening, and where necessary repairing, your child’s maths foundations they’ll start seeing how easy maths can be. They’ll rediscover that proud feeling – when they find the answer, effortlessly. And an upcoming maths test or exam will no longer keep them up at night. 

The Maths Cafe is an 8 month programme for Gr8 & 9s, of 2hrs per week at your school, that will focus on building learners’ confidence and strengthening their maths skills, in order to improve their 2020 November exam results and overall year mark. It is an 8 month commitment from learner, parent and Brighter Futures to solve the problems in maths together. Improvement in maths is not a quick fix. It takes willingness to engage, make mistakes and learn together. 

We learn, play and grow together

Each week we will spend 1hr going through the Maths Cafe programme and 1hr to help learners with homework.  

The programme will cover

  • Integers, negative numbers and order of operations
  • Fractions
  • Algebra 
  • Factorisation
  • Geometry – area and perimeter
  • Geometry – angles
  • Construction

More than just maths 
Learners will receive a comprehensive workbook, including worked examples with solutions as well as tons of extra questions to practice. Additionally, within the programme there are workshops on (1) study skills (2) exam techniques (3) mental maths and more.

Payment plan

Year, Monthly debit, Every 2 months


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