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The Brighter Futures way:

Did you know that if we teach you maths – there is a 5% chance you’ll remember it? Whereas if you practice by yourself, there is a 75% chance you’ll remember and master the maths topic. And if you work together with another learner – there is a 90% chance you’ll remember the work. (Source: National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine)

This is why our classes are run as follows:

  • 20-30 mins for re-teaching concepts and working together to solve a problem
  • 30-40 mins for group work, where learners work in pairs & help each other. Our tutors
    walk around to give targeted support where learners need it most, focusing on where
    learners are going wrong.
  • 15 mins for individual work, where learners practice. It’s like a test

Diagnostic tests – to help you focus where you need it most
When you first join our classes – we will give your child a Maths Diagnostic Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to pinpoint where they need the support.

Siyavula website – loads of extra maths questions
Brighter Futures use an advanced maths website in our classes – When you join you get access to this website, which has 1,000’s of maths questions to practice across Gr8-12. We can track your progress and will send you and your parents regular feedback .

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