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FAQs on our Maths Online Classes

What platform do you use?

We use a mixture of Cisco Webex and Google Classroom. These platforms can be used across any devices – mobile phones, tablets or laptops/PCs. Webex gives us an interactive whiteboard and allows learners to participate in the online class. Google Classroom allows us to send weekly assignments and tests home to ensure our learners stay on track.

How are tutors selected to give online classes?

We source from our top tutors who consistently received 4-5 star ratings from our learners. Our tutors are University students with impeccable maths credentials. We provide them with training on the online platforms.

How many times a week should I join classes?

We will conduct a baseline diagnostic assessment with you before you start and use those results to advise you whether once or twice a week is required to see results.

What are your fees?

Our fees are R500/month if you’re attending once a week. And R750/month if you’re attending twice a week. Sessions are 1.5hrs long.

How long are your sessions

Our sessions are 1.5hrs long. Our classes start online with Webex video class and our tutor gives instructions and work to all learners. Learners then log off and work individually (with whatsapp support) for 30 minutes or so and then log back into Webex video class to debrief the questions and provide feedback. Additional targeted support is provided thereafter depending on learners’ needs.

How much data does the online session use

An hour of online classes uses approximately ~350MB on Webex. We don’t expect to be online for the full 1.5hr session, as we break for learners to do exercises by themselves before logging back on. So likely you’d need to budget for ~250-300 MB per weekly session.

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