Access our free maths diagnostic assessments with support resources for Grade 8-12 to see if you are on track and where your weak areas are that need extra support. Term 3 and additional topic assessments will be added soon.

After completing the diagnostic, learners will receive a detailed report that breaks down
(1) their mark for each maths section
(2) where they need to improve
(3) some additional advice & resources to support their next steps.

Grade 8-12 Diagnostic assessments for Term 2

Grade 12 Number patterns & Algebra
Covering work from Term 1 Gr12
Grade 11 Term 2
Covering work from Gr9-10 and Term 1 Gr11
Grade 10 Term 2
Covering work from Gr8-9 and Term 1 Gr10
Grade 9 Term 2
Covering work from Gr7-8 and Term 1 Gr9
Grade 8 Term 2
Covering work from Gr6-7 and Term 1 Gr8