Many learners would like additional maths materials and past papers to review, especially learners who are entering into Grade 11 and 12, where the stress of the final exams starts to mount.

We’ve therefore included some useful resources here that we hope can assist all learners, but especially those from Grade 10 to 12.

1) Past matric maths papers

NSC/CAPS – Dept of Basic Education Papers:

We’ve included matric maths papers for the years 2011 onwards. Visit our past matric paper page for more.

IEB Papers:

We find that the IEB papers are often seen as more difficult because they focus on more application of the maths concepts. For those who want to push themselves a little more, we suggest you try these. We’ve included from years 2011 onwards. Visit our past matric paper page to download these.


2) Past papers for the other grades


3) Some great worksheets from Maths @ Sharp


4) For those stars who want extra resources and games to stretch you….

We have tons of additional resources which we can share with you. If you’d like to access some of these additional free resources, email us on and we’ll send you resources that are relevant for your needs.


5) Siyavula Free Maths textbooks – for Grade 10-12


6) Other sites that we find useful

  • Khan Academy provides useful videos and content for Maths –
  • for short videos that provide different ways of solving the same equations.


7) Filling in the gaps – games and videos for the key learning gaps we’ve identified. 

Many of our learners are missing some key fundamentals from their primary school grades – things like multiplication and division, fractions and adding/subtracting with negative numbers. We’ve included some fun games and videos that will help you to practice these maths areas without getting bored, or help you develop those mental pictures to solve these types of maths problems, which seem easy, but form the foundation of your future maths career.

Visit the relevant maths area you’d like practice further:

8) Information on the Basic Education Sector in general