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Our own future #BillGates – meet Sphephelo Mabena

Here’s our own future #BillGates or #MarkZuckerberg :-). @Sphephelo Mabena only Grade 11 from @St Francis College in Benoni has developed his own mobile app on the Google Play store. Called πŸ’π‹π¨πœπšπ₯ – it was built for minibus taxi commuters, to calculate their change and analyses the history of commuter transactions. To access the app click here:



Sphephelo built πŸ’π‹π¨πœπšπ₯ because he witnessed a fight break out in a minibus taxi because of a miscalculation of change. Sphephelo has dreams to become a software engineer (that’s why he joined our Microsoft Programming course) and build his own tech company one day.  


If you’d like to follow in Sphephelo’s footsteps – join our Microsoft Programming Certificate. It’s perfect for beginners and you’ll build your understanding in mobile app, web, software development and databases. To find out more –


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