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Game development with Unreal Engine

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Here’s a chance to learn a new 4IR skill that is highly in-demand in the marketplace. Join Brighter Futures as they take you on a comprehensive tour of unreal engine, with in-depth lessons, hands-on projects, and personalised feedback. Get started with real time graphics today and Brighter Futures is here to help!This short course is delivered via live 2-2.5hr virtual tutorial classes daily starting from Monday 12 July to Saturday 17 July 2021
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Unreal Engine - Fundamentals Course Outline

Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games (creators of Fortnite). The real-time 3D platform enables users to create advanced, top quality content and impressive interactive experiences. Stimulate your mind and immerse yourself in our exciting and educational online course in Unreal Engine. Our course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive tour of Unreal Engine and with each project, there is a range of artistic and technical tasks that will challenge you. Take the next steps and open the doors to a world of creative opportunities.

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Project based game development course

certified proffesors

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Project based

We will evaluate your work with a practical assessment

Online Class

Online instructor led classes

Teaching and learning

This course will take six days (2- 2.5 hours of class time and 0.5 – 1 hour of self-study and practice per day) to complete. The course consists of engaging demonstrations and minimal slides. We will evaluate your work with a practical assessment. This involves submitting your projects, questions, strengths and challenges each day to your tutor to be assessed. This encourages a dialogue between you and your tutor and helps you to receive more structured feedback. You will receive personalised feedback at the end of the week, which may also include annotations of the video, to ensure you understand the comment