SA's game development industry is growing at 75%!

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Unreal Game Design Course

The game development industry is valued at $160 billion across the globe in 2020, which is larger than the music and film industries combined.

What will you learn

Get hands-on experience developing an Unreal Game from start-to-finish!
Game design fosters creativity and improves problem solving abilities – all critical life skills for the future.

Classes will be starting mid September - don't miss out!

What course covers:

* Getting to know the Unreal Platform
* Creating worlds, actors, players, characters, collisions and so much more
* Understanding blueprints, game modes, user interfaces and more
* Adding audio, and game over features
* Exporting your game - this will be your first game designed from scratch for your portfolio!

Unreal Game Design engine

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool.
With demand for real-time 3D skills at an all-time high, learning Unreal Engine is a great way to open up your career potential.

Course details

* The programme will start in mid September and run for 6+ sessions.
* Classes will a virtual 1.5-2hr live tutorial session via Zoom
* Combined with a self study component (videos, exercises and slides included).

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