1. What are the benefits of becoming a Brighter Futures Tutor?

Joining Brighter Futures Tuition offers a phenomenal opportunity to be supported in your tutoring while developing the potential of our young people’s futures at the same time. By joining as a Brighter Futures Tutor – you will become part of a family who will walk the road with you through extensive training and support – and thereby help to secure your success and ensure our learners improve in their results.

2. There are so many “fly by night” tuition operators – what makes Brighter Futures different?

Brighter Futures Tuition are backed by 3 partners who have a long history and extensive track record of building capacity and delivering successful large-scale programmes in the education sector. Our partners operate across South Africa and Africa – and we intend to expand across the region alongside them.

  • Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) – (www.foundation.co.za) is a registered private institute of higher education and was established in 1997 to build capacity in the public health and education sectors. FPD has over 500 staff, provides training to over 40,000 students a year and operates across 16 African countries.
  • Siyavula – (www.siyavula.com) believes every child, unequivocally, deserves knowledge. They are a technology company that have developed curriculum aligned Maths and Science software and textbooks.
  • Soul City – (www.soulcity.org.za) is a non-profit that uses a combination of mass media, social mobilisation and advocacy to improve the quality of life and health of people in Southern Africa. Soul City’s Its Real show has become one of South Africa’s most loved television series over the past 17 years. Soul City was one of our founding partners in 2014, however they are no longer operationally involved.

3. What do we look for in our Brighter Futures Tutors?

Our Brighter Futures Tutors are all passionate about developing the potential of our young people and obsessed about improving the maths skills in our communities.

We look for potential tutors who:

  • Aspire to build a successful career;
  • Are proficient in mathematics, and have completed at least one year of Maths or Statistics at university level
  • Are keen to develop and interact with young people;
  • Will be available to provide 3-5hrs a week of tuition

4. How much income can I earn as a Brighter Futures Tutor?

You will earn R80-120 per hour as a Brighter Futures Tutor.

5. What is the selection process to become a Brighter Futures Tutor?

Tutors will undergo the following steps before being selected:

  • Fill out our application form online
  • Those applications that are successful will be invited to attend our interviews
  • You’ll be asked to complete a Maths test that covers grade 8-12 questions and facilitate a 5-10 minute lesson without any preparation
  • Shadow one of our experienced tutors (while earning a stipend) for a month or two, depending on your level of competence.

6. What type of support will I get from Head Office?

Our Head Office provides the following support to our Tutors:

  • Extensive resources to support your delivery of extra maths tuition, with step-by-step answer guides, so Tutors can revise their knowledge on various topic areas prior to each session.
  • Intelligent Practice¬© technology that enables Tutors to deliver:
    • Online assessments for learners – initially and ongoing
    • individual learning plans for each learner
    • Targeted personalised support for each learner
    • Immediate feedback reports for each learner and their parent, showing progress and challenge areas – including statistics like the number of questions answered, percentage correct, speed of each learner, their level of mastery, and their areas of weakness and strength.
    • Easy performance management of your tutor groups
    • Online homework support for all learners
  • Training and continuous professional development

7. How will the Intelligent Practice© technology help me and the learners in my tutor group?

Our Brighter Futures Tutors will be given access to our curriculum-aligned mobile phone technology platform. Learners would sign in for their session via their cell phones using an e-voucher generated once payment is received. The technology has 1,000’s of Maths questions from Grade 8-12, listed under each topic area and aligned with the school curriculum timetable. Each question provides the step-by-step answer guide, so Tutors can revise their knowledge on various topic areas prior to the session. The technology uses “intelligent practice”, which means the questions increase in difficulty as the learner progresses (“each learner will feel that they are getting 70% right”) and learners are able to work at a difficulty level appropriate for them, whilst continuing to keep them challenged but still motivated. The information from every question attempted is collected to statistically analyse their performance.

Tutors will have access to a Tutor Dashboard that provides information on:

  • the school curriculum topic area to be focused on for this month for each learner or for the group
  • Each learner’s progress and challenge areas – including statistics like the number of questions answered, percentage correct, speed of each learner, and their difficulty level, their topic areas of weakness and strength.
  • Other relevant information, such as study tips or exam preparation support for learners