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I can’t believe how the year has flown – yet it’s also felt really long! I’m sure you also feel the need for some R&R and we wish you and your family all the best for the festive season. 

At Brighter Futures – we had an exciting year:
1) As part of our vision to bring 21st century critical skills to our learners, for jobs that haven’t been invented yet – we attended the International Technology Association’s “Future of Technology” conference – read more about it…

2) In line with our vision, we launched the Microsoft Software Development Certificate programme (Coding) for high schools. Read more about how our Gr8-11 learners from Bryanson, Curro and Sacred Heart College performed. We’ll be rolling the Coding programme out to 20+ Gauteng high schools next year. Read more… 

3) Maths Cafe – Feel Good, Do Better, Be Best
Testing over 15,000 Gr8 and 9 learners, our diagnostic assessments show that 40-50% cannot do the primary school basics. Maths Cafe is an 8 month programme that will unlock those blocks in maths by targeting the foundations and building learners confidence. Let’s help learners feel excited about maths again. Hear from our learners, parents and teachers. Read more….

We look forward to continuing to expand our programmes and centres, helping more learners develop the critical 21st century skills required – for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

Warm regards,

Brighter Futures CEO
087 805 2600