Centre Manager – Andrew Grobler

St. Francis College- classroom 2

32 Park St, Benoni, 1500

072 064 8536

PLEASE NOTE: often our Centre Managers are in class and are not able to take calls. If you can’t reach Andrew, send him a whatsapp or email. If it’s urgent – call Reception at 087 805 2600.

Welcome to Benoni centre

The Benoni centre was set-up in 2019- thanks to a fabulous partnership with the Dr Gary Elliot – the headmaster at St Francis. We hope to see this centre growing our presence in JHB East.

A bit more about Andrew:

Andrew is passionate about making maths real to his learners. For him it is important that learners see why maths is so relevant to every-day life. He loves seeing learners achieve a “light bulb moment” as their understanding and love for maths grows.

At this centre we offer maths and science classes – as well as holiday programmes that focus on revision and exam preparation. And in the future will be offering the Micrsoft MTA and MCSA Programming Certificates as well.


Sat 9-10:15am (Gr8 and 9)

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Maths Cafe

8-9 month intensive programme of 2hrs per week for Gr8-10

Starting at R500/month


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Weekly classes

Maths or Science classes at your school every week

Starting at R400/month


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Holiday programme

This is your chance to revise last term and get ahead before the upcoming exams.

R500 for 2-4 days



Exam prep classes

Join us for tips and strategies to maximise your Maths and Science exam marks

R500 for 1 month