Here's our team

Joanne here. I come from a privileged background where I had access to all the academic support and extra-skills opportunities that I wanted growing up.

I’m a CA by qualification and my mom’s a teacher – so when I returned to South Africa after working abroad – I had a vision to bring affordable maths & science support to more learners across our high schools. As we grew, it became clear to me that there’s also a need at high school (and beyond) to provide access to high quality digital, technology and coding skills. And I wanted to make sure that these skills can be certified so our students have something extra on their CVs.

So far we’ve enrolled ~300 learners in our Microsoft Programming/Coding course, had over 1500 learners in our various programmes and tested over 16000+ Gr8-12 learners using our diagnostic assessment tool.

Joanne Brink

Managing Director

Joanne founded Brighter Futures with the vision of bringing 21st century skills to our high schools. She's a Chartered Accountant with an MBA, SME consultant and University facilitator (on finance) and wants to share her skills with the country.

Tatenda Mapesa

Area Manager

T, as we call him, is an Aeronautical Engineer. But he's so passionate about building skills in the country he joined Brighter Futures to share his love of maths, coding and technology with more learners.

Andrew Grobler

Lead tutor

Andrew is passionate about making maths real to his learners. For him it is important that learners see why maths is so relevant to every-day life. He loves seeing learners achieve a ``light bulb moment`` as their understanding and love for maths grows. He is very excited about exposing more learners to Coding with Microsoft.


Centre manager

``I spend every bit of free time I have sharing my gift and love of maths. And Coding will be an essential language for all learners to know``
Elton is originally from Tembisa and studies Mathematical and Physical Science at UNISA. He is planning to do his PGCE and eventually become a teacher. But in the meantime - he loves working at Brighter Futures.

Melo Xulu

Centre manager

Melo is one of our most dedicated tutors & centre managers. She will stay up all night working out a problem for a learner, as she's super passionate about making a difference.

Arthur Motsoale

Centre Manager

Arthur is a caring tutor filled with energy to make sure his learners are on top of their game. Arthur has completed his Bsc in Pure and Applied Maths. Because of his sincere wish to improve education outcomes we promoted him to manage our Mcauley, Bryanston and ACTS House centres.
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Our Founding Partners

Although Brighter Futures Tuition is a new company which started in 2015/6, we were founded by 3 partners who have a long history and track record of delivering successful programmes in the education sector in South Africa and Africa.

Foundation for Professional Development

Foundation for Professional Development (FPD)  is a registered private university started in 1997 to build skills in health and education. FPD has over 500 staff, provides training to over 40,000 students a year and operates across 16 African countries.


Siyavula is a technology company that have developed curriculum aligned Maths and Science software and textbooks. Siyavula’s mission is to create and enable engaging, integrated, high-quality learning experiences in Mathematics and the Sciences across Grades 8-12.

Soul City

Soul City aims to improve the quality of life and health of people in Southern Africa. Soul City’s Its Real show has become one of South Africa’s most loved television series over the past 17 years. Soul City is no longer operationally involved with us, but were a key part in helping to set up Brighter Futures.