Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals

MTA Certificate

This certification is for individuals considering a career in software
development. MTA certification addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental
technical concepts, assesses and validates your core technical knowledge,
and enhances your technical credibility.

Course details

The course will be run over 6 months, with one 2hr tutorial session per week at our partner schools combined with a self study component (textbook, exercises, slides, study guides and exam voucher included). The course will cover: Introduction to Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Understanding General Software Development, Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Databases. 

Programming is key

In 2015, the number of jobs in coding or programming were growing 12% faster than average. Experts predict that programming will be the most sought after job-skill in the future. If you are interested in software development as a possible career one day – this is the first crucial step to achieving your dreams

Get Microsoft Certified before finishing School.

With technology growing at an exponential rate why wait? Get real world qualifications that translate into real world Jobs which gives students a head start to their careers. Certifications are recognized internationally. Ability to get employed almost immediately locally / overseas after completing a Microsoft career path.

Our partners:

  • Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) – private higher education institution
  • Foundation for Sustainable Innovation (FSI) – Education Technology Company that specialises in lecturing, interactive courseware, certifications in the Microsoft technology space.
  • And Microsoft of course.

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Certificates available:

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

  • Beginner
  • Measures mastery of core concepts in software development, programming, and information technology. Supports learning in computer science, IT infrastructure, and data science.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

  • Intermediate
  • Certifies core IT and development concept competencies for a sustainable career in technology and is a prerequisite for Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer or Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer