Our unique approach to tutoring

Group work

Learners work together in our classroom to solve problems jointly and teach each other. Research shows how important group work is in maximising learners’ retention and understanding of maths.

Individual practice

Our learners practice maths questions individually, using our maths technology in class and at home. It is very important that learners do this on their own, without the tutor’s help, to maximise their learning and retention.

Motivate & reinforce concepts

Learners must struggle a little to achieve in maths. So we don’t spoonfeed or given answers immediately. Rather tutors motivate & reinforce concepts – focusing their support where learners really need it.

Our Motivated Tutors

Rigorous selection: Our tutors have attained at least 60% for maths, statistics or science at University level and come from engineering, commerce, accounting, science, medical and maths teaching disciplines.

Intensive training: Once selected, our tutors undergo an intense tutor training experience of at least 8 sessions where they shadow an experience tutor.

Tutors motivate and support – they don’t recreate the classroom teacher. Rather our tutors will provide your child with a personalised learning experience, explaining concepts that are not understood. Encouraging your child where they need a little support or reinforcement of concepts or motivating your child where they are doing well but can excel further.

Our Maths Technology

Brighter Futures technology utilises Intelligent Practice© from our shareholder Siyavula, which is a web-based service that enables learners to practice maths questions and see solutions on their mobile phones, tablets or laptop.


A customised, individual learning experience pitched at their level of understanding – the system adapts to each child

Immediate feedback

A real-time “Learner Dashboard” so that they can monitor their progress, see at a glance where their weaknesses lie and better focus their efforts.

24/7 access

Access to carry on practicing maths at home 24/7 – the more learners practice maths the more they improve.

Technology FAQs