Maths programmes

What maths programmes do we offer?

Our programmes focus on helping learners in the following ways:

  • boost their confidence through practice and targeted support
  • fix gaps in their maths foundations, where gaps exist from prior grades
  • improve exam taking techniques
  • stretch those learners looking to achieve top marks
  • and create a habit of regular revision, the only way to really improve

We have the following 3 types of classes:

  1. Maths Cafe – intensive classes of 2hrs per week run over Feb-October. Maths Cafe includes weekly classes, holiday programmes over June & September as well as Exam Prep classes.
  2. Regular weekly classes – attending once or twice a week
  3. Exam Prep classes – 1 month prior to exams
  4. Holiday programme – 1 week over April, June and Sept

How does our Maths Cafe programme work?

Did you know…Maths is a subject that builds on itself layer upon layer, like a brick wall.  If you are missing understanding at one layer then all the ‘bricks’ above that ONE will become weak. If you miss out on how to add fractions, or, how to factor quadratic equations, you will struggle from thereon. Teens tell us they feel anxious and worried every time they go to maths class or write a maths test. 

Unlock the blocks 

Let us help your child get the better of maths. By strengthening, and where necessary repairing, your child’s maths foundations they’ll start seeing how easy maths can be. They’ll rediscover that proud feeling – when they find the answer, effortlessly. And an upcoming maths test or exam will no longer keep them up at night.

Brighter Futures are launching the Maths Cafe – an 8 month programme for Gr8 & 9s, of 2hrs per week at your school, that will focus on building learners’ confidence and strengthening their maths skills, in order to improve their 2020 November exam results and overall year mark. It is an 8 month commitment from learner, parent and Brighter Futures to solve the problems in maths together. Improvement in maths is not a quick fix. It takes willingness to engage, make mistakes and learn together. 

Each week we will spend 1hr going through the Maths Cafe programme and 1hr to help learners with homework.  

The programme will cover

  • Integers, negative numbers and order of operations
  • Fractions
  • Algebra 
  • Factorisation
  • Geometry – area and perimeter
  • Geometry – angles
  • Construction

More than just maths 

Learners will receive a comprehensive workbook, including worked examples with solutions as well as tons of extra questions to practice. Additionally, within the programme there are workshops on (1) study skills (2) exam techniques (3) mental maths and more. 

How do our weekly maths classes work?

Did you know that if we teach you maths – there is a 5% chance you’ll remember it? Whereas if you practice by yourself, there is a 75% chance you’ll remember and master the maths topic. And if you work together with another learner – there is a 90% chance you’ll remember the work. (Source: National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine)

This is why our classes are run as follows:

  • 20-30 mins for re-teaching concepts and working together to solve a problem
  • 30-40 mins for group work, where learners work in pairs & help each other. Our tutors
    walk around to give targeted support where learners need it most, focusing on where
    learners are going wrong.
  • 15 mins for individual work, where learners practice. It’s like a test

Tell me more about the Maths Holiday programmes?

We focus on the key topics that have been covered in the previous terms – helping learners to revise and master these topics before the new term.

Classes run as follows:

  • Each hour we tackle a different topic or subtopic.
  • First, learners are given a problem to solve together with the tutor. Tutors always call on learners to provide the answers – when a learner gets it wrong, this serves as a valuable lesson on how and where to improve.
  • Then learners move into pairs and solve similar but more diverse and complex questions together
  • The tutor moves around the room giving support and asking probing questions
  • Finally, the tutor debriefs some of the key questions before moving onto the next hour’s topic.


For homework – Brighter Futures use an advanced maths website – When you join you get access to this website, which has 1,000’s of maths questions to practice across Gr8-12. We assign homework to do on the site at home. Furthermore any questions not completed in class from the worksheets provided are also for homework.


* March holidays: 18-20 March
* June holidays: 18-21 June
* Sept holidays: 25-28 Sept

Tell me more about your Exam Prep classes?

We run these programmes for 1 month prior to exams in June and November. These classes are focused on practicing past exam papers so that our learners are well prepared to write their maths exam.

We have prepared past exam paper questions from National and Provincial past maths papers. Learners are expected to complete the questions in class, we allow learners to work in pairs depending on the level of the class. Tutors then debrief these questions with learners afterwards – giving tips and tricks where appropriate. Tutors also give tips on exam tecniques and timing.

Dates for exam prep:

* June exam prep: starts on 29 April
* Nov exam prep: starts on 30 September

How will the diagnostic test help my child?

Diagnostic tests help you focus where you need it most
When you first join our classes – we will give your child a Maths Diagnostic Assessment with a detailed report showing their strengths and weaknesses for each of the topics in the curriculum. The purpose of this assessment is to pinpoint where they need the support.

What homework do you require?

Maths website – loads of extra maths questions
Brighter Futures use an advanced maths website in our classes – When you join you get access to this website, which has 1,000’s of maths questions to practice across Gr8-12. We can track your progress and will send you and your parents regular feedback .

We expect our learners to do ~40 questions a week for homework. Our results show that learners who practice this many questions showed significant improvement.

Why is there so little teaching in the class?

It’s often easy to do a maths sum when it’s just been explained to you. But when you try by yourself or with a friend – suddenly you see all the things you didn’t quite understand. Learners must struggle a little to achieve in maths. So we don’t spoonfeed or given answers immediately. Rather tutors motivate & reinforce concepts.

Learners work together in our classroom to solve problems jointly and teach each other. Research shows how important group work is in maximising learners’ retention and understanding of maths. Our tutors walk around to target their support where learners need it most.

Maths Cafe

* Weekly 2hr classes from Feb-Oct
* 4 day Holiday programmes in June & Sept
* Exam prep programmes in May & Sept

Holiday programmes

* March holidays: 18-20 March
* June holidays: 18-21 June
* Sept holidays: 25-28 Sept

Exam Prep classes

* June exam prep: starts on 29 April
* Nov exam prep: starts on 30 September

Free diagnostic assessment

Sign-up for a free diagnostic assessment at any of our centres