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Our vision

We believe all children can succeed at maths - if they practice. By helping more learners succeed in maths, we want to help them achieve a brighter future.

At Brighter Futures our dedicated tutors and cutting edge technology help learners identify and overcome the gaps in their knowledge so that they can begin to excel in maths.

Our results

Our track record speaks for itself - learners who have attended 30 sessions have improved on average by 30%. Some did even better - hear from our parents...

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It's almost the end of Term 2 - July holidays are almost here!

We invite Gr8-12 learners to attend our maths holiday bootcamp, which will be held over 25-28 June (that's 4 days, Mon-Thurs) at each of our Centres. We will be going through term 1-2 key topics using past exam paper questions to ensure that learners​​​​​​​ enter term 3 with a bang!

Hear about Mukondelili's improvement with us so far: Mukondeleli joined Brighter Futures Maryvale in March. In Grade 10 she got 23%. Mukondeleli realised how important Grade 11 is - so she asked her dad to sign her up for Brighter Futures extra classes. And they are already helping her increase her confidence in maths - she achieved 57% in her recent report. Well done Mukondeleli!

July Maths Bootcamp - we will be covering the following topics:

-Gr8: Fractions, integers, exponents, algebra, patterns

-Gr9 Fractions, integers, exponents, algebra, factorising, patterns and geometry

-Gr10: algebra, inequalities, patterns, functions, and trigonometry

-Gr11; exponents, algebraic inequalities, functions, analytical geometry, trigonometry

- Gr12: differential calculus, finance, functions, analytical geometry, trigonometry

How our Bootcamp classes work:

Each child will be given a short diagnostic test when they join so that we can see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This diagnostic test will help us determine the type of support your child requires, and we will advise you on how best to support your child going forward.

The exam preparation programme includes a number of past exam paper questions that we have prepared for each day Learners are expected to work through the exam questions in groups - we have seen that when learners work together like this their learning increases dramatically. The tutor will walk around and see where each learner is struggling and provide support. The tutor will debrief the questions where learners struggled or provide a memo for learners to go through at home. Any questions not completed in class will be for homework. Additionally homework will be assigned via our maths website - (therefore it's important that all learners​​​​​​​ brings a mobile phone so that we can log them on)

Classes will be held at each of our centres:

  • Grade 8-9 classes: 9-11am, starting Monday 25 June and ending Thurs 28 June.
  • Grade 10-12 classes: 11:30-1:30pm, starting Monday 25 June and ending Thurs 28 June.

Please arrive 30 minutes early on the Monday so that we can get learners​​​​​​​ logged onto our maths website for homework and testing purposes.



To sign-up, please fill out our online Registration Form confirming your spot. We will then send you an invoice with our banking details. We ask that payment be made up front.

Our bank details for your reference: Nedbank account 1129729605, branch 198765. Reference should be: YOUR CELL NO+CHILD NAME+SURNAME. Please email us your proof of payment on or send your proof of payment along with your child to class.

What to bring:

Please ensure that your child brings along the following to their maths class

  • An internet-enabled mobile phone with a Vodacom or MTN Sim Card (we will conduct the diagnostic test on our maths website, which is FREE - no data - on Vodacom or MTN) or a minimum data balance of 20MB for each tutor session. This is to access our free MATHS WEBSITE where he/she can practice 1000’s of additional maths Qs.
  • Blank paper or exercise workbook with at least 10 blank pages
  • Calculator
  • At least 2 pens or pencils

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