Helping our children succeed in math

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Our vision

We believe all children can succeed at maths - if they practice. By helping more learners succeed in maths, we want to help them achieve a brighter future.

At Brighter Futures our dedicated tutors and cutting edge technology help learners identify and overcome the gaps in their knowledge so that they can begin to excel in maths.

Our results

Our track record speaks for itself - learners who have attended 30 sessions have improved on average by 30%. Some did even better - hear from our parents...

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The Brighter Futures Maths Bootcamp will be held over 3-6 April at your school. We will be going through term 1 key topics to ensure that you enter term 2 with a bang! If you’d like more information, email us on

Alternatively you can reach us on 087 805 2600

Read about Amanda Msomi's from Midrand who moved from 20% to 57% after attending the April and July maths bootcamps. Click here to read more about her on our Facebook page.

Come join the Holiday Maths Bootcamp and be surprised by how easy it is to understand Maths.

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